Terms and Conditions

1. Our Forum 

Your use of this Forum and any service contained within constitutes acceptance by you of these terms and conditions 

2. Eligibility 

You must be a minimum age of 18 to register on and use the forum. By registering andusing the Forum you warrant that you are 18 or older and understand your obligations under these terms and conditions 

3. Registration 

Contributing to this web forum requires registration. Certain information is mandatory – such as a name and a valid email address. The personal details which you provide on registration will not be disclosed to third parties other than in exceptional circumstances (eg: the prevention of a serious crime). Remove duplicate paragraph

4. Moderation

Comments will be pre-moderated before being posted on the discussion forum. Where possible we will aim to publish accepted posts within 24 hours.

If a comment contravenes our forum guidelines, the writer will be notified and  invited to repost their comment with appropriate changes.

5. Copyright

By making contributions to champions network forums you are assigning copyright to UK Pods Ltd

6. Resources

The resources shared on this website should not be used to infringe the rights of individuals. We hope that the resources can be transferable for use in different settings. However, anyone accessing these resources must exercise their own judgement in evaluating the content and suitability for their own particular purpose(s).

7. Specific forum rules 

·      No profanity/threatening behaviour.

·      Always protect patient/colleague privacy. Do not reveal information which might lead to identification by those outside of the network.

·      Do not share information from businesses/employers that you do not have permission to share.

·      No spamming the forum.

·      The forum is confidential. Information contained within it must be kept private and confidential.

·      Respect the opinions of others, even if you disagree.

·      We retain the right to remove posts we deem offensive/inappropriate and to block users who ignore these guidelines.

·      You must be a ‘UK Pods Champion’ meaning you must excel in and be passionate about reducing restraint globally.

·      Posts/comments must be relevant and helpful.

·      Do not impersonate other forum members or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation 

·      Do not contact other users in ways they may find inappropriate

·      Do not encourage illegal activity or activity that violates the rights of other Forum users or third parties, including content falsely made to appear from or be endorsed by us 

7.1 . If you breach these terms and conditions you will be removed from the forum 

7.2 the above list is not intended to be exhaustive, we reserve the right to remove (with or without notice) content and suspend or terminate the account of any user who in our sole judgement is in breach of the rules or the spirit of the rules 

8. Content

This forum may contain material relating to sensitive topics. Sometimes words or images can cause distress therefore please be mindful of other users in the forum.